Let It Shine!

Hide it under a bushel, No, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

It is amazing how philosophies are ingrained in our minds at an early age. We sing songs, read books, and hear news that we are unaware may help us
later in life. Little did I know, while singing that song in Bible school years ago, that I would fall back on those precious words to get me through the difficulties
of life. After losing my hair and having many breakdowns and breakthroughs, I have learned to overcome and outshine any obstacles that come my way.  I have found new ways to nurture myself and others by being willing to try new things and face fear even when I am scared.

Trusting the process is sometimes difficult; however, seeing the progress from hard work is priceless.  My journey has become my story and my story finds strength in the words of that simple, yet powerful song.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable has been a unique challenge and has led to deep relationships and connections to people that I will forever cherish. I look forward to meeting my new tribe, continuing our journey, and singing our song together.


Kerri Joy

Let It Shine!

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